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The Cognitive Security Collaborative’s mission is to bring together information security researchers, data scientists, and other subject-matter experts in order to create and improve resources for the protection and defense of the cognitive domain.

Recent Posts

The Cognitive Security Collaborative: The First 6 Months

In 2019, the Misinfosec Slack group and Misinfosec Standards Working Group created bridges between the information operations, …

Right-wing Extremist Spotter's Guide

We want everyone to be safe at the protests. Since one of the biggest risks to protesters is right-wing extremist groups, we’ve created …

The New Old Power Projections

Cloaked by COVID-19 support, something troubling is happening. Cold War style soft power politics are being played, with nations making …

Cogsec Collab MISP Community

A community dedicated to information operations We’re proud to announce the CogSec Collab MISP Community - the first public MISP …

The MisinfosecWG Counters Workshop

The Misinfosec Working Group MisinfosecWG timeline. We built infosec-based standards for describing and sharing information about …



AM!TT Counters

Countermeasures for AMITT tactics and techniques (and some general counters too)

AM!TT Navigator

Based on the MITRE ATT&CK© Navigator.

AM!TT Framework

AM!TT (Adversarial Misinformation and Influence Tactics and Techniques) framework for describing disinformation incidents. AMITT is …

Recent Publications

Building Standards for Misinfosec

State actors, private influence operators and grassroots groups are exploiting the openness and reach of the Internet to manipulate …

Recent & Upcoming Talks

AM!TT - Toward Adversarial Misinformation Playbooks

Status update on the state of counter disinformation playbooks.

EU ATT&CK - COVID-19 Disinformation Response

CogSec Collab partners with CTI League to identify and counter disinformation. In this lightning talk we discuss our response to …

AM!TT - Adversarial Misinformation Playbooks

We describe the use of adversarial misinformation playbooks to detect and counter disinformation, and explore advances in misinfosec …

Tools and Techniques for Cognitive Security

Status update on the state of counter disinformation playbooks.

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