A nonprofit that helps specialists form teams to combat disinformation.

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What We Do

  • We help bootstrap Disinformation Response Organizations (DROs) to form their structure, communications, and infrastructure.
  • Manage and/or mentor DROs that are responding to disinformation in various ways.
  • Build and adapt opensource tools and processes to counter disinformation.
  • Train DROs in their use.

Some of the Communities we support:

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The Cognitive Security Collaborative’s mission is to bring together information security researchers, data scientists, and other subject-matter experts in order to create and improve resources for the protection and defense of the cognitive domain.

Recent Posts

Distributed Defence Against Disinformation

2020 is where cognitive security, the idea of treating disinformation as an infosec problem akin to malware, really caught on.

The Cognitive Security Collaborative: The First 6 Months

In 2019, the Misinfosec Slack group and Misinfosec Standards Working Group created bridges between the information operations, …

Right-wing Extremist Spotter's Guide

We want everyone to be safe at the protests. Since one of the biggest risks to protesters is right-wing extremist groups, we’ve created …

The New Old Power Projections

Cloaked by COVID-19 support, something troubling is happening. Cold War style soft power politics are being played, with nations making …

Cogsec Collab MISP Community

A community dedicated to information operations We’re proud to announce the CogSec Collab MISP Community - the first public MISP …




MISP is an open source tool for sharing incident information and analysis. We have adapted it for the specific needs of disinformation.

AM!TT Countermeasures

A series of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) that are matched to the AMITT stages and techniques.

AM!TT Navigator

A web application for the AM!TT Framework built on the MITRE ATT&CK© Navigator.

AM!TT Framework

AMITT (Adversarial Misinformation and Influence Tactics and Techniques) framework for describing disinformation incidents. Disinformation campaigns have commonly used processes and techniques. We can organize these techniques into tactical stages - a chronology of events called a kill chain.

Recent Publications

Building Standards for Misinfosec

State actors, private influence operators and grassroots groups are exploiting the openness and reach of the Internet to manipulate …

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Disinformation - Threat Intelligence and Creating a Distributed Response

This talk is about how we set up and ran a real-time disinformation threat intelligence team inside a larger information security …

EU ATT&CK - COVID-19 Disinformation Response

CogSec Collab partners with CTI League to identify and counter disinformation. In this lightning talk we discuss our response to …

AM!TT - Adversarial Misinformation Playbooks

We describe the use of adversarial misinformation playbooks to detect and counter disinformation, and explore advances in misinfosec …

Tools and Techniques for Cognitive Security

Status update on the state of counter disinformation playbooks.

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